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  WuXi XuanTeng New Materials Co., Ltd.  is located in the Beautiful and Rich City - WuXi.We based on years of experience in chemical industry, mainly engaged in the development and sale of Foundry Additives, Printing and Dyeing Additives, Environmental Plasticizers, Citrate Esters, Environmental-Friendly Solvents, etc……Our main products are:Tributyl Citrate(TBC)、Tributyl Acetyl Citrate(ATBC)、Triacetin(GTA)、Ethylene Glycol Diacetate(EGDA)、Propylene Carbonate(PC), Ethylene Carbonate(EC), Dimethyl Carbonate(DMC), Diethyl Carbonate(DEC), Methyl Ethyl Carbonate(EMC) and Ethylene Glycol Diformate(EGDF) etc…… In addition, Our company has an absolute advantage in producing functional products customized according to the demand of customer.


  As a mature and innovative company, we are young and energetic, we are full of confidence, to provide high-quality products and services as our basic principle, to professional research and development team, green products, honest and reliable price service market demand.


  Looking forward to the world's loyal friends to establish a long-term cooperation.

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