Ethylene Glycol Diformate(EGDF)

Molecular formula: C4H6O4

Formula weight:118

Property:Colorless oily liquid, soluble in water.

Usage:This product can be used as a solvent (azeotropic agent) for separating aromatics and alkanes, and as a plasticizer for polymers. Used as Acidifier in feed, as curing agent in casting binder and textile auxiliaries.

Packaging:IBC, 200L plastic drum, 120L flanged drum

Appearence colorless or light yellow liquid
APHA(Pt-Co) ≤50
PH(1% aqueous equilibrium) 4~7
Saponification value(mgKOH/g) 800~920
Mosit(wt),% 0.1
Relative Density(25/25℃) 1.08~1.12

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