Propylene Carbonate(PC)

CAS No:108-32-7

EINECS: 203-572-1

Molecular weight : 108.08

Molecular formula :  C4H6O3

Property:Colorless,odorless, transparent liquid 

Usage:miscible with ethyl ether, acetone, benzene, ethyl acetate and many more. PC dissolved in water and carbon tetrachloride, is an excellent polar solvent.

Packaging & Storage

The product should be packed in clean and dry galvanized iron drum, Net weight 250kg, also used are IBC or ISO TANK; Store in the warehouse that ventilation, away from open flame, high temperature, and separate storage with oxidizing agent. Refer to MSDS for more infor mation.

Fields of application

For the production of lithium batteries and capacitor electrolytes in the electronics industry.Used as a plasticizer, spinning solvent, water soluble dyes and dispersing agent for plastics. Used for the removal of oil gas, oil cracking gas and oil field gas.

Item Battery grade  Industry grade
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid, free of methanical impurity
Assay ≥99.99%  ≥99.7%
Moisture ≤0.005%  ≤0.05%
Propylene oxide ≤0.01%  ≤0.01%
Propylene glycol ≤0.01%  ≤0.01%
Density(20℃)  1.2±0.005       g/ml  1.2±0.005 g/ml
Color(APHA)  ≤10  ≤10

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