Ethylene Carbonate(EC)

CAS No:96-49-1

EINECS: 202-510-0

Molecular weight : 88.06

Molecular formula :  C3H4O3

Property:Colorless and odorless needle-like or flaky crystals at room temperature; 

Packaging & Storage

The product should be packed in clean and dry galvanized iron drum, Net weight250kg, also use IBC or ISO TANK; Store in the warehouse that ventilation, away from open flame, high temperature Refer to MSDS for more information.

Usage:Slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol,ether, ketone and other organic solvents.

Fields of application

For the production of lithium batteries and capacitor electrolytes in the electronics industry. EC as a plastic foam and synthetic lubricants stabilizer, excellent performance of solvents and organic synthesis intermediates, a good solvent for polyvinyl chloride and polyacryloni-trile .

Item Battery Grade   Industry Grade  
Appearance Colorless liquid or crystalline solid, free of methanical impurity
Assay    ≥99.99%  ≥99.7%
Moisture  ≤0.005%  ≤0.05%
Ethylene oxide  ≤0.01%  ≤0.01%
Ethylene glycol   ≤0.01%  ≤0.01%
Color(APHA)   ≤10  ≤10

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